Daydream Galleries: Blog en-us (C) Daydream Galleries [email protected] (Daydream Galleries) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Daydream Galleries: Blog 80 120 Farm Fest Music Festival Just came back from a great shoot at the Farm Fest music Festival in Vienna Michigan. This was their 16th year of celebrating independent music. Although I was mainly there to shoot the Bandura Gypsies, you just can't help but enjoy all the music and camaraderie. Happy Farm Fest to say the least, here are just a few shots of all I enjoyed. Hope you do as well.

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Hartland High School's Dancing Hannah Hannah will be graduating from Hartland High School in 2014. With her great smile, and can do attitude I know she will go far. Hannah is another of my lovely dancer girls that I cherish.  We braved the impending rain and headed out for what turned out to be a great shoot. Thanks Hannah for being a joy to photograph, and for including me in this, just one of your many life time mile stones.

IMG_8567 IMG_8599 IMG_8695 IMG_8704

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Im a BIG kid now See her wiggle, see her giggle, see her wiggle some more. Oh sweet girl .......we had a good time today taking your birthday pictures. I can hardly believe you're 2 already. I remember when her mom brought her in right after she was born. Happy birthday wiggle worm xo <3


IMG_7838 IMG_8083 IMG_8035 IMG_7946 IMG_8100 IMG_8006

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Rachel and Doug ....Peek Not even torrential rain could put out the flame between these two. May your fire for each other always burn bright. Congratulations!!


IMG_6785 IMG_6840 IMG_7224 IMG_7206 IMG_7223 IMG_7391

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A Country Kind of Love #michigan#country#wedding#love Congratulations Joshua and Emily! In the words of the Brides mother "It was a magical wedding". The love and support at their wedding was boundless.  It was my extreme pleasure to be included in your special day. Cheers to the Beautiful Bride and Groom!

Hope you enjoy this small peek into their special day. #michigan#country#wedding#loveIMG_5197 IMG_5690

IMG_5745 IMG_5723 IMG_5876 IMG_5931 IMG_5805 IMG_5850bw IMG_5961 IMG_6319 IMG_6560

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I Maize & Blue Congratulations Mike and Kasey!!!

Talk about an Epic Wedding, As die hard U of M fans they simply could not have done it better. Kasey and Mike rented the U of M Stadium for an Hour and it was GREAT! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your wonderful wedding. Thank you to  the Bridal Party and Family for helping  to create these amazing Photo's. You were all wonderful.

















IMG_4242 IMG_4253 IMG_4324 IMG_4372 IMG_4550R IMG_4405 IMG_4429 IMG_4509 IMG_4519 IMG_4478 IMG_4535

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Beautiful Wedding In Howell Last weekend on really the most beautiful day we've had so far, I was honored to shoot this wedding with Shi- Lessner Photography. 74 degrees partly sunny and a nice breeze. A beautiful couple, a lovely ceremony, and great reception at the Opera House in Howell. This was my first time at a reception at the Opera House and they did an amazing job. Hope you enjoy this small sampling of Images from the wedding.


IMG_2564KA IMG_2465KA IMG_2845KA IMG_2912KA IMG_3261KA

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